Do you have TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint disorder involves a collection of symptoms, including pain and tenderness of the muscles that we use to chew and the jaw joint known as the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), as well as of several sites along the head and neck. The pain is usually worse in the morning, and the person commonly has a history of stress and difficulty in sleeping. Jaw movement may be accompanied by grinding, clicking, catching, and popping, resulting in restricted or deviated motion during opening or closing of the mouth. Traditionally, dentists and orthodontists seek to change the person's bite in order to deal with TMD. Medical doctors use surgery and drugs in their approach to TMD. But here in Carmel Valley our office uses a different approach for TMJ.

85% Reduction in Jaw Pain following NUCCA Care

But, new research from The Upper Cervical Research Foundation is showing dramatic improvement in patients with jaw pain following a natural approach. In the study, patients with Jaw pain or TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) were referred for *NUCCA evaluation and care. Over an 8 week period all patients had a dramatic improvement in their TMJ symptoms. Their jaw pain before treatment averaged of 5.9/10 on the pain scale. Following 8 weeks of NUCCA care the average dropped down to 0.9/10 an 85% improvement! Several other research studies have been conducted over the years showing the connection between the upper neck and the jaw. The NUCCA approach involves rebalancing the position of the head, the neck and as a consequence, the jaw. NUCCA spinal care is safe, gentle, precise and extremely effective.

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What our Carmel Valley, San Diego Clients Say

" Excellent!! He has been able to take care of my pains and my aches that I've had for years. Highly recommend for ANYTHING and ALL ailments! Fantastic front office that is always available and helpful! Roma and Sarah are simply the best!! I think Dr. Spinato is amazing and he has been able to stop so much of my pain-what a relief! I highly recommend Dr. Spinato and his office staff is simply wonderful!" - Chrissy S

"Just excellent. Best chiro care I've ever had. Noticeable improvements in my health immediately. Cannot recommend this office and doctor enough." -Gerry Ann L.

"I'm 38 and while I didn't have a major injury I was wanting to address some aches and pains I attributed to hitting middle-age. After the recommendation of 12 adjustments and having those 12 adjustments over about a 4 week period, I feel at least 10 years younger. I feel more balanced, no aches and pains and I'm thrilled with results. I also love that Dr. Spinato is not the kind of chiropractor that wants you to come back every 2-3 weeks for the rest of your life. His methods makes sense to me and the results more than speak for them. Highly recommend!" -Jerusha F.

"I haven't been to Dr. Spinato in 6 months and my back feels great! When I came to Dr. Spinato I was experiencing chronic back pain even though I was receiving weekly chiropractic from another doctor. I was convinced that I was going to need to go to the chiropractor every week just to stay ahead of it. Dr. Spinato said that I needed a series of treatments and that when the series was over he would not have to see me for three months and that would be an indication that the series had worked. True to his word, I completed the series, the pain left me and I felt better than I have in years. And I was able to stay away for months at a time. Today, I realized I had not been back for 6 months and I have not had any pain. It is a miracle and I am grateful to Dr. Spinato. I have referred 8 or 9 people and they all think he is a miracle worker. " -Scott B.