"Dr. Spinato is an amazing chiropractor! I started visiting his office a few years ago with some long term recurring low back problems that would have me out of commission for days, sometimes weeks. Through his bio-cranial treatments and nucca adjustments I have become able to live my life without the constant fear of my back going out. I had also suffered from vertigo for 5 years, I had seen several doctors and different times over those years, none of them were ever able to help me figure out the cause or get rid of it. It impacted how I could sleep, how I could exercise, even random movements throughout my regular day could bring on a vertigo attack, I thought I was just going to have to live with it for the rest of my life. One day Dr. Spinato mentioned he had another patient with similar issues and they found allergies to be contributing. He tested me for allergies, found I had some dust allergies and did 2 sessions to clear them. My vertigo is gone! I have not had any attacks since then, I can lay down however I want to, and I don't have to worry about what position my head is in. To say I am amazed and extremely thankful to Dr. Spinato would be an understatement!" -Amanda F.

"Great results - My personal trainer suggested that I see a chiropractor that specializes in Nucca because my spine was not moving properly. Dr. Spinato has solved that issue and my posture & range of motion have greatly improved. My workouts are better. I can tell that I now walk and sit with my neck and back in their proper positions. Dr. Spinato is very professional and very passionate about what he does. He is focused on efficiency and producing the greatest results in the shortest time. I highly recommend him." -Joe S.

"Dr.Dan ROCKS! And he's in the Know for creating ROCK STARS. Surrender your bod to his most knowledgeable Professional and intuitive hands, techniques, (cranial treatments, NUCCA,) aromatic, nutritional (Standard Process) and other, and magnetic therapies and begin to experience your own magnificence. I had this 69 year old decrepit jalopy and he's brought me back to a bright, shiny, quality Beam-er of a vehicle ready to shine on this reality. Quite amazing! One specific example was my reliance on a pad to absorb the occasional leakage from birthing 3 children and spinal cord surgery. No more! And this widower is now embarking on a phenomenal new relationship partner! Get your act together and GO 4 IT. Dr. Dan can put you on the freeway to your dreams, in whatever vehicle you choose for yourself." -Karen J.

"Dr. Dan Spinato what can I say...I have the greatest respect and admiration for him and the work he does at his Chiropractic and Integrative Wellness Facility. He is a real treasure and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to care for any chiropractic and wellness needs you have. Many years ago I slipped a disc in my back and was immediately rushed to the hospital; not being able to walk at all. I was told I would need surgery to repair my back and sought a second opinion; ultimately being told the same thing. Feeling it would be an unwise decision, I looked for another alternative. Happily there was, when I located Dr. Spinato in the yellow pages...He help restore full use to my back, and I didn't need the surgery at all. I have been doing great for years only visiting for adjustments every now and then. If you are in any pain at all, don't delay, contact Dr. Spinato's office today. You will be glad you did!" -Lisa H

"I have been seeing Dr. Dan for over 15 years. When I first went to him I could barely stand up straight with lower back pain. Not only was he able to help me with the immediate pain, but I have never had the same condition again (which I used to have often). He seemed to have "cured" me. Since then I bave been going back to him regularly for routine maintenance as well as injuries when incurred, including a car accident many years back. My husband also started seeing Dr. Dan shortly after I did. He was skeptical at first, but after my success with Dr. Dan, he went and now he no longer suffers chronic back pain either. Dr. Dan has also kept this aging softball player "on the field", helping him through ankle, knee, back and shoulder pain over the years. We are both very impressed with the fact that Dr. Dan conitnues to go to workshops and seminars, and is always keeping up to date with the most recent chiropractic practices. Whenever anyone is in need of a chiropracter, we always recommend Dr. Spinato with no hesitation." -Brenda C.

"A friend recommended I go see Dr. Spinato for my new born baby. He was crying all the time and I could tell he was uncomfortable and gassy. Dr. Spinato did a cranial/sacral release on him and got his digestive system going. It was amazing to see my little newborn baby feel happy and comfortable. Then I took my two year old and eight year old to him. He has now helped my whole family. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Spinato for children and for adults." -R D.