A chiropractor assesses your entire body...

...which is comprised of muscles, bones and nerves. All of these components work together—and suffer together. The bones hold our body up, muscles help it move, and the nerves tell the body what to do and how to feel. When something is wrong in your body, the nerves will let you know.

The spine is a superhighway for our nerve flow, so the nervous system can manage all of our body’s organs and their tasks. When we suffer trauma to any part of our spine, the nervous system may respond by disrupting other functions in the body to get our attention.

Common health issues that we don’t consider “spine-related” may actually be caused by spinal misalignment.

Did you know that:

…neck injuries may trigger headaches,vision disturbances, or allergy-like symptoms?
…trauma to your upper back may cause chronic coughing, chest pains, or ulcers?
…injuries to your lower back may result in bladder or bowel issues, sciatic nerve pain or problems with sexual performance?
As you can see, a healthy spine is important and a Chiropractor can help!